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Excel VBA Mastery Program

Learn Excel VBA in Hindi

Instructor: Rishabh Pugalia

Language: Hindi & English

Enrolled Learners: 120

Validity Period: 730 days


Available on website

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This Course includes:

  • 6 hours on-demand Hindi & English video
  • 80+ HD Videos
  • Excel VBA Mastery eBook
  • Practice files | Certificate of completion
  • Get 2-Year Access

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What will you learn?

It’s simple - you begin to hate the subject, that you don’t understand.

My job is to make you love Excel VBA Macros, EVEN if you are not a Coder or a Programmer.

Check out the course content section to get a full list of topics.

Why is this course different? What separates this course from the rest?

The most difficult thing when learning a new topic is to START.

Being a non-coder, it’s even more difficult to start learning VBA Macros. There are many questions such as:

  • It’s so difficult. How will I learn?
  • Why do I need it? Where is this used?
  • I am not a coder.

Given the lack of clarity, learners like you start with the WRONG sequence of learning. At the end of the weekend, all you learn is the “Hello World” message box. Result: You get discouraged. You give up, before even starting.

Excel VBA Macros is best learned by NOT following the textbook approach. The first hour of learning is the most crucial. It’s a make or break hour. In this course, we start with – 

(a) Examples of why we need VBA Macros,
(b) How can you get started with minimal coding and see results
(c) Then, gradually, we move towards the essential theory, which is explained in a day to day language.

You cannot learn everything about VBA Macros from the videos. BUT you should learn how to search for your answers, as you progress in your journey.


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Your hunger to succeed

Who this course is for:

Every professional who:

  • has been using Excel for more than two years
  • has felt left out at the workplace that is surrounded by coders
  • wishes to begin to see the results of partial automation of reporting on their career
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