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Excel Mastery Program Bundle

Become an Excel Superstar

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Language: Hindi

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This Bundle includes:

  • Excel Mastery Program + VBA Mastery Program (300+ HD Videos)
  • 19 hours of Excel on-demand Hindi videos
  • 6 hours of Excel VBA on-demand Hindi & English Videos
  • 2-Year Access
  • Excel & Excel VBA Mastery eBook
  • Practice files
  • Certificate of completion

What will you learn?

  • There are 1 billion Excel users in the world, so how can you stand out of the lot? Your position at work becomes indispensable only when you can do something that others cannot.
  • You cannot become a master by knowing only certain aspects of Excel.
  • The Excel Mastery Program Bundle is a powerful combination of the Excel Mastery and VBA Mastery Program designed to equip with you perfect knowledge and actual application in daily aspects of Excel business usage.

We will not just teach you about popular functions and formulas but more importantly educate you on what to use and when to use.

You will learn those topics and methods which others do not teach. For example:

  • Uses of complex Lookup Formulas such as OFFSET, INDIRECT in a simplified fashion with multiple application
  • Hidden Tricks & Settings – Compare 2 Excel files, Split Text to Rows, Unpivot Columns
  • Projects for Finance, and Sales
  • Use of Cell Referencing ($) in formulas
  • Fill intermittent black cells using Go To special
  • The common mistake of Vlookup users
  • Using SUMIFS to find the sum of values between two dates
  • A hidden trick of COUNTIFS to do VLOOKUP for duplicate values
  • A hidden trick of Consolidation using SUM for multiple sheets
  • Fuzzy Lookup can do what VLOOKUP can't
  • Hide a sheet so that no one can unhide easily?
  • Why does a Date in Excel look like a random number?
  • Rectify dates format using Text to Columns
  • TRIM formula to remove excess spaces in a sentence
  • Use SUMIFS & COUNTIFS with 3 criteria
  • Examples of why we need VBA Macros
  • How can you get started with minimal coding and see results?
  • Then, gradually, we move towards the essential theory, which is explained in a day-to-day language.

Check out the course content section to get a full list of topics.

Why is this course different? What separates this course from the rest?

My education, job experience, training experience, and my passion.

I am a Chartered Accountant. I have worked with companies such as KPMG (Audit) and J.P. Morgan (Debt Capital Markets). Then, I trained professionals from 50+ companies such as PwC, EY, Flipkart, ITC, etc. I now train the Trainers to train on my behalf. My video courses are used in top blue-chip companies.

I am not just a “YouTuber” who records courses. I create courses with a very strong emphasis on two things (a) Logics, including why and what not to do, and (b) Case Studies that reflect use cases.


  • Excel 2007 & above
  • Your hunger to succeed

Who this course is for?

Every professional who uses Excel has a different career goal. For example:

  • Analyze data: MBA, Engineers, Analysts
  • Work faster & Automate reports: Accountants
  • Become an Excel Expert: Consultant, Freelancers


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