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Excel Mastery Program

Learn Excel in Hindi

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Instructor: Rishabh Pugalia

Language: Hindi

Enrolled Learners: 204

Validity Period: 730 days


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Download Course Curriculum of Excel Mastery Program 

This Course includes:

  • 21 hours of on-demand Hindi video
  • 220+ HD Videos
  • Excel Mastery eBooks
  • Practice files | Certificate of completion
  • Get 2-Year Access & Query Support

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What will you learn?
  • It’s simple - you will learn to make your work stand out.
  • In today’s times, deep diving in a subject pays off. No one wants a mediocre professional on his team.
  • That is why I bring to you, the "Excel Mastery Program"

You will learn those topics and methods which others don’t teach. For example:

  • Uses of complex Lookup Formulas such as OFFSET, INDIRECT in a simplified fashion with multiple application
  • Hidden Tricks & Settings – Compare 2 Excel files, Split Text to Rows, Unpivot Columns
  • Projects for Finance, and Sales
  • Use of Cell Referencing ($) in formulas
  • Fill intermittent black cells using Go To special
  • The common mistake of Vlookup users
  • Using SUMIFS to find the sum of values between two dates
  • A hidden trick of COUNTIFS to do VLOOKUP for duplicate values
  • A hidden trick of Consolidation using SUM for multiple sheets
  • Fuzzy Lookup can do what VLOOKUP can't
  • Hide a sheet so that no one can unhide easily?
  • Why does a Date in Excel look like a random number?
  • Rectify dates format using Text to Columns
  • TRIM formula to remove excess spaces in a sentence
  • Use SUMIFS & COUNTIFS with 3 criteria
  • Basics of Macro

Check out the course content section to get a full list of topics.

Why is this course different? What separates this course from the rest?

My education, job experience, training experience, and my passion.

I am a Chartered Accountant. I have worked with companies such as KPMG (Audit) and J.P. Morgan (Debt Capital Markets). Then, I trained professionals from 50+ companies such as PwC, EY, Flipkart, ITC, etc. I now train the Trainers to train on my behalf. My video courses are used in top blue-chip companies.

I am not just a “YouTuber” who records courses. I create courses with a very strong emphasis on two things (a) Logics, including why and what not to do, and (b) Case Studies that reflect use cases.


  • Excel 2007 & above
  • Your hunger to succeed

Who this course is for:

Every professional who uses Excel has a different career goal. For example:

  • Analyze data: MBA, Engineers, Analysts
  • Work faster & Automate reports: Accountants
  • Become an Excel Expert: Consultant, Freelancers


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